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Show Notes: ldup_20130220

1. Discussing using the Live CD versions of Linux to run up on a PC/server to get a feel for what Linux looks like and how it behaves. Also note the use of the Net Boot CD images that allow you to install your operating system packages from another location on your network: http, Smb (Samba/Windows), ftp etc. Live CDs help you see if your PC/server devices can be seen by the Live CD version of Linux.

2. Knoppix is an excellent version of Linux for testing hardware and I have used Knoppix to recover non-Linux operating system hard drive files. Knoppix is available from:

3. Some Linux industry noteworthy items:

  • Steam for Linux has been released with already 60-80 games available.
  • Ubuntu have released a version of Linux for mobile phones.
  • Australian DOD opts for Red Hat Linux as their chosen operating system.

    4. Examples of devices that run Linux:

  • Routers and Internet gateway/routers.
  • Security cameras
  • NAS network hard drive storage devices
  • Automated Teller Machines
  • Asterix Telephone Exchange
  • Rarsberry Pi

    These show notes are provided as a quick summary, including links to any relevant products/materials covered.