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Show Notes: ldup_20130410

1. VMware Player:

VMware Player - an alternative to old VMware Server

2. An in-house detailing of what is run internally with regards to the various Linux servers and the solutions installed on each.

Apache/PHP - for all website needs
SendMail and Dovecont - handling e-mail sending, receiving and accessing
SpamAssassin and ClamAV - handling spam and virus contaminated e-mails
Samba - Accessing Linux share folders for Windows and accessing Windows shares
NFS - Linux to Linux filesystem sharing over the network
miniDlna - running your own media storage server and accessing via DLNA

3. Using rsync to backup Linux and Windows files and directories over the network and then using rsync to backup to external portable USB hard drives. This will be a main topic for a future episode.

These show notes are provided as a quick summary, including links to any relevant products/materials covered.