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Show Notes: ldup_20130513

1. Latest news:

New release for Linux: Debian 7.0 and Ubuntu 13.4
The International Space Station replaces Windows with Linux
ELGG social network software feedback on our testing.
ELGG Site:

2. Microsoft's attempt to lock out other operating systems from using PC/laptop/server hardware by requiring the UEFI Secure Boot extension that only works for Windows 8.

3. ownCloud 5.0 has been released. Discussed testing and current
implementation for customers as well as internally.

4. Recommended Android apps for your mobile phone or tablet device:

  • ownCloud client
  • K9 e-mail client
  • Dolphin web browser
  • ES File Manager
  • SyncMe for syncing files automatically to/from your phone
  • ConnectBot for remote ssh access to servers
  • KBOX Terminal for remote ssh access with more local options

    These show notes are provided as a quick summary, including links to any relevant products/materials covered.